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For Trade

this for that...

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This is a community for people who want to trade items -- your items for someone else's items, no monetary exchange involved. It's a nice way to get something you need or want and to clean out some space that's being taken up by something you don't want or aren't using. People who normally sell their items may offer things up for trade, but this is not a community for business promotion.

How to Join In

1) Join the group.

2) Make a post with the following information:

*Specific items you have to trade (e.g., a copy of The Hobbit or two skeins of blue Wool-Ease yarn)
*General items you are able to trade (e.g., if you spin, you can offer to spin yarn as part of a trade, or if you make altered art, you can offer to create some ATCs)
*Items you'd like to trade for, specific or general
*Your contact information -- email address or some other effective method of contacting you quickly

If your lists are long, please post them under an LJ-cut. You may include photos, but either thumbnail them or place them under an LJ-cut. Also, if you have a friend who isn't on Livejournal and wants to trade stuff, you may post an offers/wants list on their behalf as long as there's contact information included and you make it clear that your friend isn't you. :D Make sure you're okay with keeping their trade information up to date, too.

3) Make your trade: Look at other people's lists of offers and wants. For now that means scanning the recent posts, but hopefully there will eventually be a list of all community members, so you can go down the list and check all the trade offers. When you find something you want to trade for, contact the relevant party privately and arrange for a trade that satisfies both of you. (Mods are not responsible for keeping your trades fair, but they will remove people who do Mean or Irresponsible Things through this community.) Make sure you update your offers post to note when an item is claimed, and don't forget to remove items you've traded away.

4) Post to the community when you receive your trade. People who have made a satisfactory trade will receive a number next to their name on the members list so that potential traders can see how many trades each person has completed.

5) Play nice and have fun! ;D

Please note that this community is for trading only. (Okay, potentially also for other things that are in a similar non-money-making spirit. ;D) That is, no selling through this community. There are other communities for that, including forsale, which originally inspired this community.

Formatting Rules

*Pictures are allowed, but must be thumbnailed or behind an LJ-cut.

*You may NOT use tables or CSS in your posts that position items outright. For the most part you're safe if you're using a bit of scrolling text that goes side to side. Basically anything that messes up people's friends pages falls in this area, so make sure you close any HTML tags you open, and remember, PREVIEW is your friend when posting.


This is the second incarnation of the fortrade community. Current mods are pirateonthebay, and founder xinit.


Thank you to the bday_packages community for the inspiration garnered from their community profile page. ;)